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Disability Parking on the Pullman Campus

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The following information is designed to help Individuals with Disabilities park on the WSU Pullman campus.  If at any time you have questions regarding disability parking, please contact us.

How to Obtain a State-Issued Disability Parking Permit

In Washington, follow this link for the application and information on how to obtain a Washington State Department of Licensing Disabled Parking Application. Take the completed form to:

Vehicle Licensing Office
Pufferbelly Depot, Suite B
330 N Grand Ave
Pullman, WA  99163

...or any vehicle licensing office in the state of Washington

In Idaho, follow this link to the application for an Idaho State Disabled Parking placard
Note: According to the application instructions, you need to mail or fax the application to Boise.  However, you can take the application to the Latah County DMV office in Moscow, they will issue a temp permit for up to 30 days while the application is being processed.  Here is their contact information: Latah County DMV.

Authorized WSU Disability Permits

Authorized WSU disability permits offer the most parking flexibility for persons with disabilities and are required to park in specified areas on the WSU campus.  An authorized WSU disability permit includes:

  • Any valid WSU-issued zone permit displayed with a valid state-issued disability placard or disability license plate.

Where to Park

  • Authorized WSU disability permits are valid in disability spaces signed for WSU Disability Permits and any blue, red, yellow, green, orange, gray, and crimson zones, and on-street parking meters.
  • Authorized WSU disability permits also allow access to the disability spaces within the restricted area of the pedestrian mall areas on campus.  Please drive cautiously on the pedestrian malls.

Where NOT to Park

  • Authorized WSU disability permits are not valid in Services Areas, No Parking Zones, Fire Zones, or Reserved Spaces.

Disability parking areas on campus that do not require an Authorized WSU Disability Permit

  • Disability spaces in parking lots during times when WSU permits or payment is not required only need to display a state-issued disability parking permit.
  • Disability parking areas signed: "WSU or State Disability Permits Required"
  • On-street parking meters

Disability Parking for Central Campus
(Compton Union Building, Martin Stadium, Terrell Mall, etc.)

Central Campus can be accessed by using the elevators in the Fine Arts parking garage, the Smith Center parking garage, or the Library parking garage. Disability Parking for Central Campus is available in the following locations:

  • Fine Arts parking garage. Take the elevator to the 5th floor for Central Campus. Authorized WSU disability permit required.
  • Smith Center parking garage. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor for Central Campus. Authorized WSU disability permit or hourly payment required.
  • Smith Center surface parking lot. Park in this lot just outside of the Smith Center and take the Smith Center or Fine Arts garage elevators to get to Central Campus. Authorized WSU disability permit required.
  • Library parking garage. Take the elevator to the top floor to access Central Campus. Hourly payment required.
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